International Research Network (IRN) Linear Logic

The IRN (formerly GDRI) LL is a French-Italian International Research Network (Groupe de Recherche International) supported by CNRS and INDAM, whose purpose is to gather researchers interested in the connections between Linear Logic and various topics such as



The IRN LL organizes regular events, aiming at gathering researchers on various scales, frow small workshops on specific subjects to general meetings: see the list of all past, current or upcoming events.

Mailing List

Communication within the project is done on the gdri-ll mailing list: to subscribe, send an email to


Memorandum for the creation of the GDRI

Minutes of the first general meeting (Bologna, 1-3 Feb. 2016)

Note: Before this website existed, there was a page of the GDRI on the IRIF website.


Research units


Linear logic, thirty years later